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    Just curious...I have a couple of 10" fans, Flex-a-lite's I think (I don't know the CFM off hand, but I'm thinking 1200) , which I bought way back for a v8 Monza I used to have. I was wondering if they would provide as much cooling/airflow as a stock fan would. I don't have an auto tranny to worry about cooling, so I would mainly be doing it to replace the factory fan, and gain back that 100hp that it's stealing (j/k, I'm thinking maybe 10-15 if even that). I am also wondering if the 10 or so hp that I would gain by losing the belt driven fan would be offset by the strain the fans would put on the alternator. This will be for cooling a 383 stroker, but I'm not sure how much hotter it would run than a stock 350. Thanks to all who reply....ok, and you people who were just looking are ok too :)

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    I believe the actual numbers are more around 5hp for a stock clutch fan, and when you add in the extra alternator "drag" from running an electric fan, you won't be coming up with much gain I'm betting. IMO the electric fans are when you can't fit a stock one in place. Stock fans, depending on how many blades (I know there are ones at least from 3-7 blades) flow a large amount of air...it's very hard to equal them with electric fans.

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