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    Let me first say that I am not good at sorting out electrical problems. That said I have one I cannot figure out. I have a 79 k5 350 manual, it had an interlock on the clutch, the body of this device broke and it quit working, so I pulled the leads off and touched them together to start my rig. It worked for about ten seconds so I shut it off and now it wont work I have power to everything except the starter, guages and the radio. I dont have any blown fuses and I replaced the ignition switch. I have no idea what could be wrong, I just thought I would see what you guys thought before I take it to a shop. I wont get a chance to check this until monday, (I have to go spend the weekend with the Army) so thanks in advance.

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    Ben, did you happen to let the bare wires touch any metal under the dash? If so, you might have taken out a fusible link under the hood. The circuit from the starter switch, through the interlock switch and out to the starter solenoid draws around 40 amps while it's cranking.

    As a long shot it may have also smoked the contacts in the ignition switch itself. [​IMG] You'll have to do some digging around with a volt meter to figure out just where the power isn't getting through.

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