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    Hello...ok, on my list of to do's is new wires, plugs and maybe other goodies if needed. Here is my dilemma, I am not a mechanic, the original owner had upgraded my electrical system. I know this because my old mechanic wanted to upgrade my distributor/ignition and then told me that it already had been done.

    So based on your vast knowledge can anyone describe something like this? Sounds like it was a normal deal, I know by looking the distributor cap appears normal, and I think the words voltage regulator mighta been thrown in. This conversation was like 6-8 years ago.

    So now, 6-8 years later, I am having trouble with the Jimmy running rought until it warms up. I figure most of that is the carb but figured new plugs and wires cannot hurt. Is there something special I should be asking for at NAPA when I ask for some new wires/plugs?

    Is it time to replace the distributor or anything? I believe that is what my old mechanic might have done 6-8 years ago.

    This is the 72 GMC Jimmy, 350, Rochester Quadrajet. I am thinking it may need to have a new rebuild kit put on it as well. Any great rebuild and dial in sites for that carb/engine combo?

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    what has probably happened with your electrical system is that you now have HEI instead of the old points style ignition. this is what has been done to my blazer. the easiest way to tell (assuming stock parts) is if there is a wire (looks like a plug wire) going to the middle of the distributor cap. if there is, you've got points. if not, you've got HEI.
    you don't need any special plugs or wires, just tell them that you have HEI at the parts store. if that confuses them (some are dumber than others). just get the plugs and wires for a '78 blazer with the same size engine that you have.

    hope that clears things up a bit.

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