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    i people,

    i have a 86 jimmy. it had a 305 it it orginally, but the past owner put in a 350 at 85k. its now 141k and i'm having some werid stuff happen. i was just hit head on ,but the shop repaird the truck and said my engine was okay. i had just finished a tune up before the accident(same day to be exact)

    first of all.. i have a terrible idel even after adjustment, i just replaced my vacum advance and did a fresh tune up(everything). the distibutor cap is not in the correct position infact the mounting bolt is facing the firewall. i guess this has something to do with my timming being messed up. someone rigged my dist. so it would compinsate for the bad timming. so i'm driving around and i have a noticable miss in the engine at all rpm ranges ( even standing still). under load the truck runs fine, but as soon as you let go, its hell.

    also, when i'm accelerating i hear the flapping sound , like some peice of metal or plastic is hitting something thats turning. its almost like sticking a straw into a fan blade and hearing it hit.And to make it even worse, when i try to stop (sometimes) i will get 3-4 bad jerks comming from the the front of the car.

    the recent matinece i have had is...

    new u joints
    new driveshaft(s)
    new tires
    new cap, rotor, wires, 2 sets of plugs,coil
    feul filter.

    i took my truck to tuffies today because of the miss and vibrations. the guy checked everything out and told me about my distributor being wack , and he commented that it was something to do with timing.

    do you guys have any ideas what would cause...
    poor idel
    consant missing
    hard knocking when trying to stop
    flapping noise when driving

    i drive:

    1986 Jimmy 4X4
    brown and tan
    new 350 engine
    no rust
    31 inch tires
    re-wired taillights (myself)

    i have bad vibrations!!!!!
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    Ok, after I totalled mine I blew the rear tranny mount, which might explain the jerks in the drivetrain. It could cause either the tranny to hit the bottom of the cab like mine did, or cause bad driveline angles which could cause vibs and possibly jerks. Also after mine wreck the charcoal in the charcoal canister broke apart, and jammed up my carb. When it got hot it would idle like crap, and if I gave it some gas it would run better. Those are from personal experience, but I would also say that the timing and distributor could be a big part of your problem.

    My wreck was also front end, and I bent my frame so they called it totalled, but if you click on my link you can see she is still alive.

    My Chevy isn't broken, its just out of gas. <a target="_blank" href=http://coloradok5.com/gallery/albuo73>My K5</a>
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    Sounds to me like you should start with getting the distributor installed correctly. As for your bad miss you should check to make sure your intake manifold is not cracked under the carburetor. This is a common problem with GM intake manifolds which have an EGR valve on them. The crack will make an internal vacuum leak that will only show has a bad idle otherwise it is fine. Make sure that your distributor shaft does not have excessive play in it. This would cause a very bad miss and possibly even crossfire if it is bad enough. Check to make sure your ignition rotor isn't hitting the inside of the distributor cap anywhere.

    1989 blazer, 383 stroker, D44 / 14FF, 4.56, locked, 35 BFG mud
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    Being that you hit something that hard, check your valve springs you may have reved that motor hard enough in the accident, that you may have broke one. That would explain the miss&amp; rough idle. Some one may have tried to compensate for the dead cylinders with some extra timing.

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