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    I have an oppertunity to get a 86 305 from an 86 chevy van (45K) for 200 bucks. I have an 85 K5 with a 305. Any problems swaping out? The one I have now is definitely in need of a valve job and the vehicle is simply a daily driver. Also, rear axle seal is leaking. It has a standard 10 bolt. Am I looking at a major undertaking to replace this seal?
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    The 86 engine will more than likely be a TBI engine.. And your 85 is probably a carb engine. The cam profiles are slightly different but will work. The one area of concern is the intake bolt pattern. I thought 86 was the year they went with the 4 center bolts on the intake that went straight down rather than at an angle. You will have to buy a new intake to fit the newer style heads, if the 86 engine has this.

    One last comment, if you are going to spend $200 for a 305, I bet you can find a decent 350 for the same price or a few dollars more and you would be better off!

    For the axle seal, you will need to remove the tire and brake drum, then take off the diff cover and pull the center pin out of the diff. Once the center pin is out, push the axle in and pull the c-clip off. now you can pull the axle out and be able to remove and replace the seal.
    I was assuming you were talking about an axle seal(leaking by the wheel)..

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