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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dontoe, Nov 10, 2005.

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    Well, I had the Charter Communications cable go out the other night. I spent right at 30 minutes conversing with computers on the phone (cheaper than humans?) trying to notify them my Internet access (or lack of) problem. After all that crap I get another computer trying to walk me through troubleshooting my problem. Bulls**t!!! I had already determined that everything from the modem to the router to my desktops and laptops were functioning, it was their end that had a problem! After about five minutes of that crap, I started the 'ol Star Trek's Captain Kirk routine of f**king with the "brain". One of the options in the troubleshooting procedure was if you weren't sure of the answer then say "there is a problem". Well, I started to give that answer at random times, and the simplest questions. Started getting some funny results after about fifteen minutes of that. Finally it gave up on me and said " I'm sorry but you'll have to speak with one of our technicians". THAT's what the f**k I wanted in the first place!!! Well, after waiting an additional ten minutes, I hung up and gave up!. Today, they hooked up my new DSL and I can go by the Cable office and speak to a real person and tell them to cancel my cable Internet access and oh yea, by the way I also added a satellite system when I called the Sprint DSL people, so you can cancel my Cable TV too! I love competition!!! ;)

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