Error sent callers to devilishly hot line

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    From the notebook:

    • Mutual of Omaha this week published a wrong customer-assistance number for employees of a client organization - a "1-800" instead of "1-888."

    The correct number results in a recording that politely says, "Thank you for calling Mutual of Omaha's group customer service department."

    The incorrect one connected with a gravelly voice saying, "Thank you for calling the Devil's Paradise, where horror and sorrow and death reign," followed by vulgarities.

    The client organization was the Catholic Archdiocese of Houston.

    Mutual spokesman Jim Nolan said the wrong number was in books produced in an "on-demand system" and was corrected after two callers pointed it out. "It's something we sincerely regret and apologize for."

    He added: "We haven't heard from the archbishop, but this is additional proof that the devil is in the details."

    • Kelly Kraines, who grew up in western Iowa and lives in the Chicago area, inherited her grandmother's five-diamond ring.

    In May, while visiting parents David and Kathy Nevins of Omaha, she took the ring to Borsheim's for a new setting.

    In the store, she spotted a ring she liked and said she wanted the inherited diamonds placed in a similar setting. Later, a package arrived from Borsheim's at her home - with three small boxes inside.

    One box contained her grandma's old ring, with the diamonds removed. The second contained the diamonds in the new setting. But why a third box?

    Inside was the diamond ring she had used as a model - but hadn't ordered or paid for. "I thought, holy-moley, do they know I have this?"

    She called the store - and received a verbal thank-you from a staffer who arranged for the ring's return by FedEx.

    • The first two decades of TV in Nebraska are recalled in an NET Television special, "Don't Touch That Dial."

    Produced by Bill Kelly, the public-television documentary includes Johnny Carson's "squirrel's nest" on WOW-TV, pro wrestling from KETV's parking lot and reporting on the 1952 Missouri River flood.

    The special, featuring interviews with Carson, Tom Brokaw and Floyd Kalber, airs statewide at 5:30 p.m. today, central time, and repeats at 7 p.m. Monday.

    • The director of Lauritzen Gardens was surprised Tuesday with a party marking his 10th anniversary there.

    Spencer Crews, who came to Omaha's then-fledgling botanical center from Powell Gardens in Kansas City, Mo., was honored at an event hosted by Kimball and Bruce Lauritzen.

    An invitation pictured the red pickup truck that was called Crews' "first Lauritzen Gardens office."

    He accepted the job partly because of what he saw across Interstate 80 to the south - the Henry Doorly Zoo. He was so impressed with the zoo that he figured Omaha could build a great botanical garden, too.

    • The mother of twins Josh and Daniel Bullocks, former Husker defensive backs, was pleased at the amazing coincidence - identical places in the pro football draft a year apart.

    Josh was taken 40th last year by the New Orleans Saints, and Daniel was selected 40th this year by the Detroit Lions.

    "People are always asking me, 'Which one's better?'" Peaches Williams told the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press. "I'd say God made them both equally good."

    World-Herald researcher Michelle Gullett contributed to this column.

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