Exhaust Leak or Valve Clicking

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    The new 350 that I just put in less than 1000 miles ago is already clicking. I'm hopeful that it's only an exhaust leak from my headers. It only clicks when I'm accellerating. If I rev it up while in park, there is no clicking. Does this sound like an exhaust leak somewhere? I just bought some of the dead soft aluminum header gaskets and Stage 8 locking header bolts that I'm going to put on this weekend. Hopefully that will solve the problem. What is the reason that an exhaust leak causes a clicking noise?

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    A small exhaust leak, right at the head, can sound very much like a ticking lifter. It's a high-pressure pulse that's being forced out through the leak. To your ear it sounds like a clicking sound. Tighten all your header bolts first as they tend to loosen quickly after the first few heat/cool cycles.

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