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    Feb 25, 2000
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    I have an '82 and I need to upgrade the exhaust soon, the rust is barely holding the welds together. I have to replace my exhaust manifolds as well because we broke a couple of bolts when we put in the new crate motor. I am not going to be lowering this truck, I will eventually have some 32's or 33's on it, and I will not need to have a cat on it.
    I need to know some good headers, muffler (I am thinking Flowmaster 60 or 70 series) and pipe configuration. I have true duals and wish to keep it this way exiting the back sides at 90 degrees. I do not know what diameter the current pipe is, probably 2 1/2 or so.
    Cost is also a consideration, I do not have the funds for a top of the line system, so please keep in mind.

    Thanks, Brian

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