exhaust system in a box - on and working great

Discussion in '1969-1972 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by rrent, Sep 26, 2002.

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    As some of you might have read previously - I bought an LMC exhaust system in a box. It got here in just under a week. I put it on last weekend. Took a little longer than it might, cause I changed out the manifolds too. It fit great - it has 60" and 30" head pipes, with 30" and 60" extensions to the mufflers. I used the 60" on the left side and the 30' + the 30" extension on the right - this positioned the mufflers a couple of feet before the rear end. The over the rear end pieces (tail pipes) went in easily - the only change from out of the box I made was to these pipes. I situated the over the rear end (tail pipe) pieces to go over the rear, turn out and then turn toward the rear of the truck beside the gas tank. I then bought a couple of 90 degree pieces and a couple of turn downs - they ended up exiting just behind the rear wheels.

    Was very easy install and even with freight and the addition purchases the total was still under $175.00 (not counting the new manifolds).

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