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    Jan 24, 2001
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    I'm looking for a quiet performance exhaust that would flow better than my stock system without killing low-end. I have a 350 w/ regular Q-Jet, dual-plane intake, recent vortec heads, stock cam (btw, anybody know the specs on that?), Edelbrock TES headers with Y-pipe to the stock converter. I want to keep the cat (but I'm not against replacing it with a better one!), and I want to stay w/ the single exhaust. I'm looking for something that would improve low and mid-range driveability ( no high-rev mud or sand for my rig).

    Seems to me a 2.5 inch system ought to be sufficiently better than my current exhaust (tailpipe is 2"); I'm wondering that a 3 inch system would kill backpressure and hurt driveability in low to mid-rpm? Any suggestions? Oh yeah, for the young ones: sound is a concern; I'm too old for a really noisy exhaust.

    Advice is greatly appreciated, thanx, michael
  2. Thunder

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    I would suggest to go with a single 3" its about perfict for a 350
    I'm running a single 3" system and like it a lot.
    I have the Edelbrock TES also, no cat with a single Flowmaster 70 series muffler.Its quieter than the 50 series muffs but still flows real good.
    I have great lowend power and good MPG with this combo. It is quiet at idle and when going down the freeway but sounds real healthy when I get on it.
    like you I did not want a real loud exhaust.I like to be able to go down the freeway and carry on a conversation without yelling.
    Also if you are keeping the Cat it should be a little quieter than mine. If you are getting a new Cat check out the Catco high flow cats.. They seem to be a good unit.
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    ditto what thunder said... running the same headers. Flowmaster 50 works 4 me too... single 3" pipe all the way...


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