Extended Brake Hose P/N's

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    Extended Brake Hose P/N\'s

    I robbed some p/n off the p/n post. Can anyone say which ones would work in my application
    72 Blazer 6" lift Front Dana 60 Rear 14b with disk brakes using 3/4t front calipers.

    Caliper Hose's Raymold [raybesto's] 4536761 - 2 each

    Rubber brake line that will connect a 76-78 Caddy caliper to the hard line on a 14-bolt FF: Wagner Part # F-97661

    To hold the connection steady, I used the brake line brackets from the front of a '91 Chevy Beretta GT. I cut off the end of the bracket that bolts to the car, then ground a slight curve into it to fit the axle tube, then welded it in place. The bracket has the correct hole in it to hold the line securely, using the same spring clips that hold the front brake lines to the frame. I'm sure that there are a lot of other brackets floating around in junkyards that would also work fine.

    Brake Hoses: for 14bolt rear discs using 3/4 calipers/rotors: 77028 $20 piece
    Those are front brake hoses for a 78 K20. Mudzer just put these on his 14bolt.

    20996 rubber brake hose
    7818 fitting for rubber hose to hard line

    Extended brake hoses that are 25 7/8" long will fit 10bolt from 89-2000 2wd chevy/gmc from right front but will work for both sides and can be modified to fit a D44.
    Part #'s:
    Napa - 38872
    Raybestos - 38872
    Auto Specialty - HB-86045
    Coni-Seal - BH-177767
    Carquest - SP8820

    Rear extended brake hose Napa part #4138068

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