F%*kin bell housing bolts!

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    man, why does chevy have to stuff the motor right up agenst the firewall in 4x4 trucks?! yanked the motor out of my junker burb this afternoon and had a hell of a time with two of the bellhousing bolts. i've pulled lots of motors but for some reason this one was a beeaatch! sorry, just venting. i was also too lazy to unbolt the cross member and drop the trannie down. it was one of those crossmembers with like 8 bolts in it and everything was covered in grime. ok, i'm done complaining now. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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    i know what you are saying man. it is kind of like the one peice x-member that bolts the top and bottome frame rails. you have to remove the t-case to pull the trany.
    it would be nice to remove them all at once.
    but i fixed the problem.

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