F/S '87 K5 Blazer *sold*

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by K5Kell, Jul 27, 2006.

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    have to put my '87 K5 up for sale due to cost of driving and insurance(to much for a college student). Bought it 4-5 years ago and joined this site. allready had 4in tuff country lift (rear blocks:crazy: ) and 2 in body lift5. Since then it has recieved general maintenance and:
    - d44 fornt end, 4:56 gears with newer lower ball joints and wheel bearings
    - c14 rear end, open (needs rear disc or rebuild, see below)
    - extended drive shafts for both( included with spare front shaft)
    - dual 3in flowmaster that stop behind t-case (no smog checks here)
    - herculined the inside up to the pillars
    - Installed smittybuilt roll bar (included is smittybuilt weld-in front cage, uninstalled)
    - KnN air filter
    - 36x12.50 SX super swampers (front need replacement, rear okay)
    - Cut the fenders for better clearance (and style :waytogo: )

    Remember this has been a project for me while in school so there are some issues with the rig, although it runs great and has never left me stranded(except when I ripped off ss extended brakeline:doah: ) heres the things I havent been able to get around to doing:
    - front tires should be replaced (ones getting smoothe)
    - front tie rod has a curve to it (partial cause of above problem)
    - Body has dents from wheelin' (except doors, see below)
    - No doors (got thrown out while doors were off for summer)
    - Soft brakes after 3/4 ton swap, seems like the rear are to weak (discs :wink1: )
    - Passenger exhaust manifold has a crack in it (still made it home from bellingham as it still runs fine)

    When bought it had 63,600 miles on the odometer and now it has 75,600.
    Heres a link to a pic of it at the start of the summer with my nephew behind the wheel (after driving 80 miles on hiway):

    I live on Vashon Island, Wa which is in between seattle and tacoma could make it over to the main land for serious lookers. You can pm me or e-mail me at kell3238@yahoo.com

    Price: looking for $1000 obo
    Thanks for reading this long and sad (for me :crazy:) post
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    Wow, if you weren't soo damn far away it be a killer deal for me... sorry bro
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    Yeah someones coming to look at it in a few minutes:crazy: . Oh well, looks like I'm getting drunk tonight.

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