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    ok, so the pic's show it all. no reasonable offer refused. prefer not to ship. also, don't have pics at the moment, but i've got some decent non-stock wall panels for the rear of a blazer. they're nice - i'll snap some shots soon. also got a set of rear slider tinted windows minus the latches. nice shape. $100 obo.



    complete 454 wiring harness from mid 80's. don't know much about it.

    not perfect, but pretty nice. the back circuit is a bit messed up so that the volt meter doesn't work, and there's something screwy with the right turn signal.

    i'll let this go for real cheap. circuit's not perfect, but manageable.

    a/c rad - a bit bent up, but ok. i've got a couple pieces of a/c lines too which will go with it.

    off a 700. one small hole in the bottom.
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