Fair price for a np205..should I get this TH350 or use my 700r4?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by 8_YOUR_H2, Dec 10, 2001.

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    This sucker was used for mud racing and is mated to th350. The guy wants $200 bucks for the th350 but he told me money talks when I asked his price for the np205...ok, whatever. He is trying to make it soud like this is some rare np205 because its mated to a th350. He tells me this setup was only available for 1 year, 1973. I dont have any Idea what year this transmission attached to that transfer case, all I know is I need to get rid of the slip yoke 208. I am thinking about offering $175 and I will only go as high as $225. I dont want to upset this young man, does this sound fair. IS he trying to BS me with this rare thing...

    Now, I am under the impression that with a th350 output shaft installed in my 700r4 it will bolt right up and work like a charm. OR I can cut down the output shaft on the 700r4 and it will bolt up like it was original (as long as the spline count is the same). SHOULD I get the th350 (which is built) or take the $200 and get the B&M transkit for the 700r4 and rebuild it?
    Mine is a non lockup 700r4. I am running 4.88 with 38.5" tires and 9" of lift. I dont know what to do...what a dilemma

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