Farmer laces drum of gasoline with sugar and soap

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    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Thursday, 18 August 2005

    A Pendarves farmer sick of people stealing from his rural property spiked a drum of petrol with sugar and soap, then ran down thieves who stole it when their car wouldn’t work properly.
    One of the thieves, Justin John Ruffles, appeared before Ashburton District Court Judge Murray Abbott yesterday for sentence after admitting a charge of burgling the farmer’s shed. Defence counsel Jared Bell said Ruffles was one of several in the car, but the only one charged. “He took the liquid in the container and, with the associates, poured it into the car.”
    The farmer interrupted and the offenders fled, though not speedily.
    Mr Bell said the car couldn’t go more than 70kp/h and was spluttering as the spiked fuel made its way into the engine.
    The farmer followed and called police.
    Judge Abbott said it was notoriously difficult to trace thefts from farms and other rural properties and Ruffles and like-minded people needed to be deterred.
    He sent the 21-year-old shearer to jail for four months.
    The judge said farmers and other rural land owners should not have to be concerned about being victims of theft of petrol or other items from their properties.
    He repeated the warning to Ricky David Bennett, a 17-year-old freezing worker who appeared later.
    Bennett admitted stealing petrol from a Winchmore farm, as well as illegally carrying a shotgun and possessing a cannabis pipe.
    Bennett and an associate were making off with $60 of petrol in two containers when the farmer disturbed them and they fled.
    Police found the dismantled gun on the floor of the car when they stopped Bennett’s vehicle a short while later.
    The judge fined Bennett a total of $1000 and ordered him to pay $130 court costs on each of the three charges. He ordered the gun to be destroyed.
    August 16

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