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    Have 4" inch lift, 35" and now 2 inch body. I want to go to 37 and some fender trimming, but want to know if other have done this and how much. I was thinking to take out all the rear under the rubber body molding, I need to take out some of the front fender in the rear as already have bent this in and up. I was lookin too take out the front front section everything under the side marker, and then max out rest of trimming to everything up to inner fender wells. Has anyone done this, and I am looking for as many pictures as possible of done jobs. Thanks in advance.

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    On my 81 Jimmy I trimmed the front of the front fender about 4" under the marker lamp...anything more and yer into the rad support. At the rear I followed Steve's example and measured 6" from the door and went straight up to the fender arch so it looks blended in.

    Do a search on the main page and check out the UAV...I believe it has 37's and 5" total lift.


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