Fill 'er Up!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mudhog, Jun 23, 2002.

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    Fill \'er Up!!

    Fill 'er Up!!
    > >
    > >There was this gas station in "redneck country" trying to increase
    > its
    > >sales,
    > >so the owner put up a sign saying "Free Sex with Fill-up".
    > >
    > >Soon a "redneck" customer, Billie Bob, pulled in, filled his tank,
    > and then
    > >asked for his free sex.
    > >
    > >The owner told him to pick a number from (1) to (10), and if he
    > guessed
    > >correctly, he would get his free sex. The buyer then guessed (8)
    > and the
    > >proprietor said, "No, you were close. The number was (7). Sorry,
    > no free
    > >sex this time but maybe next time".
    > >
    > >Some time thereafter, Billie Bob, along with his buddy (Bubba),
    > pulled in
    > >again for a fill-up, and again he asked for his free sex. The
    > proprietor
    > >again gave him the same story and asked him to guess the correct
    > number.
    > >
    > >Billie Bob guessed (2) this time, and the proprietor said, "Sorry,
    > it was
    > >(3). You were close but no free sex this time".
    > >
    > >As they were driving away, Billie Bob said to his buddy, "I think
    > that game
    > >is rigged and he doesn't give away free sex". Bubba replied,
    > "Nope, it
    > >ain't
    > >rigged-my wife won twice last week".
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    Re: Fill \'er Up!!

    LMFAO!!!!!! /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

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