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    After a thermostat swap, what I have experienced for the past 46 days has ended (surging, 210 degrees, but it's not over yet.

    Currently, I have located a front H/L harness from a 1990 Suburban (for a nose job). The recently salvaged core support from a 1989 Suburban is about to be bolted in, and at this time, the wiring harness will be modified using the technical data from the tech section.

    One thing that I have noticed from the technical archives on the 1989-91 "nose job" is the use of insulated terminals when splicing wires (using the older style {pre-1984} firewall plug). The only difference that I have noticed was the absence of the hydraulic pressure switch (from the combination valve), and the windshield washer terminal.

    The next mission: to locate a firewall plug from a pre-1984 Chevrolet/GMC pickup, which includes the hydraulic warning connection. Here's the things that I can grab from the local electronic store:

    solderless splice terminals
    heat shrink tubing
    PVC tape (already in the garage)

    Another note: I have a 700R4 (pulled from a 1985 Jimmy a few weeks ago; 1990 core) that is about to be swapped in place of my existing 350C. I have the tranny adapter and X-member, and after observing both the 350/NP208 and 700/208 combination, the dimensions are the same. In this case, my OEM driveshafts would not need to be trimmed or lengthened.

    What's the best way to lower the NP208: leave it attached to the X-member, and unscrew the X-member connections to the frame, along with the 4 bolts behind the tranny? The tranny shop that rebuilt my 350C tranny did this to avoid removing the crossover exhaust pipe.

    I might have JTed during the past 45 days, but my Blazer is responding well, except for an underpowered 305 that acts like a Chevette during acceleration (the tires hardly peel from a stoplight at all, but I always abuse the motor like a cop car).

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    Not trying to be a jerk, but I think your posts have enough material to start a new webpage. I checked your current page, but didn't seem attractive. Maybe if you changed that background color? Anyway I suggest you start a "BLAZER" page so that we could check the progress of these experiments you keep posting about in a more organized fashion. They seem a little long to me and don't really look like a question we can help you with. I really hope you take this the good way because I'm not trying to flame you or start a war or anything.

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