Finally finished my body lift....

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by **DONOTDELETE**, Mar 15, 2002.

    My girlfriend got me the ORD 1" body lift for x-mas and I promptly got on installing it a couple days later. Well I got the cab lifted and went to move onto the bed and realized that the bolt heads just spun. Well quite a bit of a set back, due to the fact that I dont have a welder to tack the heads inplace, I just left it alone and did'nt lift the bed. Well today after 3 months of half a body lift sitting on my desk and the front half of my truck 1" higher I decided to finish it. So I had my friends boos tack weld the heads, and once I got home at 11pm I began. Well two hours later of ratcheting, grinding, air chiseling, and jacking the bed up and down, it's done. Sorry for the long post but, you all know that feeling when you finally finish something so I thought I would share. Not to mention doing it alone it kinda a pain (friends were all tired). Well I am off to a shower and some sleep. Later
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    Hey man......I understand completely!

    The victory is not "complete" until you share it with the group!!!

    Way to go.... /forums/images/icons/cool.gif

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