Finally found a front clip.

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    Well, I went to a local yard and saw a pretty nice K5 ,cept for the rocker rot and interior.. thing had a sun roof too! Well, it had the front clip I need, so I asked about it. The guy said $210 for the clip... now, it looked fairly rust free to me.. infact, the paint on it still looked fresh! I dunno what happened to this truck, but it looks like it has a fairly nice tub, cept for some common rot. I have to go take the nose off tomorrow. Sooooo, anyone in Jersey wanna come help me take the nose off in the yard? [​IMG]

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    Congratulations..when I needed one, I couldn't find it for cheap..paid $400 with no hood.

    Word of caution CAREFULLY inspect the core support and fender to core support mounts. Mine had been hit, and since it was on the truck that was hit, you couldn't tell that the core support and fenders were also tweaked, untl I put it on my truck. Make sure that they are willing to give you money back (not likely from a wrecking yard) hor that they will swap the bad ones for good ones. I ended up using the inner fenders, passenger side fender, and the little trim strip at the base of the core support off the front end. I returned the core support and drivers fender.

    One other thing, you might try pulling the inner fenders off there before purchase. If the speed nuts or whatever they are, break off, you can't get the inner fender off. Not a big deal if you don't plan on taking it apart, but if you do, it's a lot of extra work.

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