Finally got a CD-RW - hey, welcome to the late 90's!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TX Mudder, Jul 18, 2002.

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    Finally got a CD-RW - hey, welcome to the late 90\'s!!

    I finally bought a CD-RW. I already burned some discs and they turned out great.
    A few questions if someone has the time:
    1. How often do these things make reflective coasters? I haven't had any bad CDs yet, but I've heard they do that sometimes. At least the discs are cheap.
    2. How fast should I burn? The CD-RW is capable of 24x write. I just burned 780 MB of stuff at 8x to a disc and it took 11 minutes. That doesn't seem unreasonable at all to me. I would guess that the faster your burn, the more likely you are to make coasters....true? I haven't tried fast than 8x.
    3. What's the deal with RW discs vs. W discs? I understand that the RW discs can be written over a floppy disc. Do people really use them like that, temporary storage? I don't have an RW discs, just W, so I haven't tried it yet.
    4. Do you guys turn off your antivirus, firewall, etc. when you burn?
    Now I just need to get a cable modem and get some MP3s. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
    -- Mike
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    Re: Finally got a CD-RW - hey, welcome to the late 90\'s!!

    1. Mine will make em the more stuff i have open, so i close all open programs.
    2. 8x is what i always burn, mine can do 24x also, but almost everytime i do 24x, i make a coaster. (yes in my pc room, i use them for that)
    3. Yes RW you can rewrite over, but heck i lose em periodically so i go with the slightly cheaper W. Besides, once i burn a somehting on there, i usualyy dont wanna risk screwin it up. (like i put a cd in my pc, dont wanna accidentally erase it)
    4. Like i said, i turn off most stuff, i usually disconnect from the net, turn off firewall, antivirus, popup stopper. Stuff that doesnt have to run to burn it.

    Have fun w/ ur new toy.

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