finally home from the shop!!!!

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    Jan 31, 2001
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    i just got the truck back from the shop where i had them install a new 230 hp crate and gm tranny and a boyce xfer case
    they charged me 860.oo for the swap and i supplied all the parts
    went ahead and changed flywheel balancer tune up a 100 amp alt and cleaned the tbi
    the tranny is shifting real hard when it is cold, but does fine once it gets hot, and my oil pressure gets kinda high 60+ psi when cold
    what could be the prob with the tranny, and i need to install a tranny cooler, and do not know where to cut the line to install the plumbing
    also want to install trnny temp gauge is this a pain, i would like to mount in the dash where there is a blank???

    It needs a bigger motor.
    what's in it now?
    doen't matter it NEEDS A BIGGER MOTOR
    89 350tbi/700r4h/np208/4.11's

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