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Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by K1Orion, Nov 10, 2003.

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    Posting this for a friend who just bought an 82 K10 with 6.2/700r4/208. Motor has 120k and the truck is stock with 3.08 and 31x10.50. He wants to know what to do first. He wants 6" and 35's.

    I said change trans fluid and add a big ass cooler. Then add 4.56 gears and 35's and 4" lift.

    What neither of us knows is what to do with the motor.

    What do you suggest he do to the motor first?

    Pump timing?, turbo?, exhaust?, intake? muffler bearings? new spark plugs?... like I said , we don't have a clue!!!
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    If it's his first diesel I would recommend the following-

    1. OLF, change out air filter, change out fuel filter(s). Remind him that the oil change frequency is much different with a 6.2. There are many opinions out there but I change out my oil and filter religiously every 2500K MAX. Also let him know that a clean air filter is a MUST with a diesel- the more air, the better the performance/economy.

    2. Check for proper operation of glow plug system. If the GPs need replacing the truck will be a bear to start.

    3. Check all fuel lines closely for cracks and loose clamps. Air in the fuel system is a big no-no with diesels.

    4. If he lives in an area that uses "low-sulphur fuel" advise him that he should be running a quality fuel conditioner witrh every fill. Stanadyne is one of the better brands out there. Low sulphur fuel will not adequately lube the internals of the injection pump causing premature failure.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head. If you are pretty strict with your maintenance a 6.2 will last a long time. /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

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