Fixed my DW. Easily!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by weisel, Dec 13, 2002.

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    Feb 22, 2001
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    Laveen, AZ
    Well, after I put on 35s, my dw got so bad that I couldn't even drive the truck anymore
    so, I took off my tie rod and straitend it at work (we have a huge press, like 50ton)
    checked the ends for wear, and couldn't find anything else wrong. Putting the tie rod
    back on I decided to check the torque on the drag link and bingo! One end of the drag
    link was completly loose! no cotter pin, and only about 5 threads holding the nut onto
    the ball joint! That would have been scary if it came off while I was cruizing down the
    freeway! So I torqued it up and put in a new pin, checked for play and there was none.
    Now it shakes only slightly (you really have to pay attention to feel it), and I think
    that will go away when I put on a new sterring stabalizer.
    Anyways, I just wanted to remind everyone to inspect everything regularly
    to make sure it is in good working order, because something might just be
    that easy to fix and you might just avoid a huge disaster.
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    May 4, 2001
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    I fixed mine 100% with a 'backyard-alignment'

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