Fixed my garage door spring assist mech. that broke christmas eve

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by 73k5blazer, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. 73k5blazer

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    I'd have used a service to wind the overhead torsion spring, but after calling three places, no one could be out until after the 1st. :(
    So, 2 perfect diameter grade 8 bolts, 12in long, safty glasses, restrung the cables and started winding, standing off to the side so should I slip they won't hit me in the face, wound her up till the door just started to lift, back it off just a touch, tighten screws and perfect wokring door again. Took about 5 minutes. Didn't even mar the threads on my bolts!
    Any bigger door than my 2 car, 7 footer though, I don't think I'd want to be winding those things.
  2. justhorsinaround

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    And you prolly saved yourself a hundred dollar service call as well. I just love doin stuff like that.

    I thought about you as our old worn out garage door opener cranked open our door this morning wondering if this was gonna be the time it gave up the ghost.

    Good job!
  3. diesel4me

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    UN winding them sucks more!..

    I had to UN-wind the ones that were on the 10x12 door I got from a warehouse free where my brother worked at,when I was bulding my garage..they were expanding the warehouse,and by law had to put a steel "fire curtain" roll up door in its they said "if you can get it down,its free for the taking"..had to sign an insurance disclaimer,stating if I were injured during its removal,they were not liable for any damages..

    We used a sissors lift rolling platform thing to get us up to the torsion springs..this door went straight up the wall,no curves in the track!:eek1: --so the springs were about 25' off the ground...and I don't like heights--GULP!!:eek1:

    We used a couple of tapered round prybars to unwind the was a S.O.B. to hold back the tension on them,unbolt the "locks" that held the tension,while my brother got his bar in the next set of holes,and we alternated until about 10 turns of tension were off the springs---finally we couldn't hold them anymore,and on the count of three we both pulled out the prybars at the same time,and turned our heads away,ducked,and prayed!!...FOOOOIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!:eek1: :eek1: ..scared the sh** out of us both!..

    Those kind of springs I didn't care for at all!..I lucked out,there was another door also being removed, that had the stretchy "extension" type springs so we took them AND the tracks that were curved,like I would need for my garage!..:laugh:

    But it wasn't much fun putting those tracks and springs up alone!--springs alone weighed 100 lbs each,both had a smaller one inside the outer larger one..and the tracks were a bit mismatched,but I got them to work out OK...looking back,I'd buy a brand new door and hardware next time!..

    Your right--any door bigger than yours should have those "torsion" springs tensioned by a pro!!..not a job I'd want by any means...:crazy:
  4. muddysub

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    yeah i've got 3 8x12' doors here at my house, one of them broke the cabe i didnt even wanna screw with that thing.

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