FOR MUD, or, someone else??

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic Region' started by big94gmc, Jan 17, 2007.

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    Hey, Julian, I sent you a PM, but am hoping to get your attention here. At the meet-n-greet, you had mentioned maybe having a trailer I could borrow....please call me as soon as you can, either way.

    Also, I'd like to put out an all-hands call to everyone in the area.... I would like to borrow a 16+ ft bumper pull car hauler trailer to take to Florida and back. I would have the trailer for two weeks, maybe a couple days more. If you have one I can borrow, PLEASE post up quickly:(!! It would be awesome if I can hit the road, heading south, this Friday morning (yea, I, 36 hours from NOW!!:doah:)

    Please post up, and let me know if I can borrow. I really, really appreciate it. Thanks so much, in advance.:bow:

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