for retreads and future dunlopmud buyers

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    Sep 12, 2001
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    I used a 33/12.50 16.5 mud rover for a while.
    It was the crappiest tire I've ever owned.
    Tire I've owned:
    pre1ton -- BFGR all terrains(32s),
    post1tonconversion-- cheapo goodyear allterrains(31s), Dunlop Mudrovers(33s), Pathfinders(33s), Superswamper tsls(36s)
    I had more flats with the Dunlop MudRover than any tire (3flats) They sucked in watery,slippery, and cementlike, mud. Maybe I didn't rev the motor high enough to clean them but [censored].. My pathfinder allterrains never had a flat and selfcleaned decently.

    chrome sucks

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