CO For Sale: 1972 K5 Blazer

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    I have a '72 Blazer CST for sale in Littleton, Colorado. One family ownership - 48 years. I am asking $9500 but will listen to reasoned discussion/offers. 350 with a 4 spd manual transmission. Approximately 80k miles on a crate engine with an RV cam. 3 in lift with Alcan springs. ARB rear locker. The onboard compressor is cable of airing-up tires, etc. Currently has a Kayline soft top on it but the original hardtop is hanging in my garage.

    There is more I can say about it. If interested, please contact me on my cell phone at 303-328-8901 and we can go from there. I don't sleep with my phone so if it is off, or not with me, leave a message. This is my first post on a forum and am unfamiliar with its operation so please forgive any screw-ups. I shall attempt to post a photo or two.

    K5_Driver's Side.JPG


    K5_Passenger Side.JPG

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