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    Hey guys, Its that time of year again, and many of us are anticipating buy a soft top for the summer. i have been planning on buying a Skyler top for some time know, and have been waiting for some time as well. I like the Skylers becuase they are attractive, but at a resonable price. if money was no object, i would buy a Can-Back, but i have a hard time seeing how to spend a 1/4 of the blue book value of the truck on a soft top. Anyway, I finally received a responce from skyler concerning thier future:

    Hello Isaac,

    I remember talking to you on the phone last year (around April) I know at
    that time I put your name on a list. I have checked again to make sure we
    still have all of your information. We have not contacted you yet because we
    do not have this product available.

    As a result of this soft top becoming so popular and because of our limited
    resources for production we made a decision over the winter to sell the line
    to another company. This company will take over the soft top production and
    sales. It was an opportunity that we felt we should take advantage of. We
    now have a large list of people like you who are interested in specific soft
    tops. We will make sure that people on this list are contacted by the new
    company. Timelines for production are out of our control. We do not have any
    information as of right now when this product will be available.

    I know you have been waiting for a while. If you need a soft top right away
    I would suggest using an alternative supplier - as I would be disappointed
    to see you wait indefinitely. I am sorry for the delays - we have tried to
    keep you informed as best we could.

    I appreciate your understanding. Feel free to contact me directly if you
    have any other questions.


    Skyler Corp

    Just thought I would share this info for anyone else who was thinking of buying a Skyler top. It seems that they will again one day be available, however, who knows how long it will take. Know i have to decide weather to cough up 1100 to buy a can-back, wait who knows how long for a skyler, I dont like the looks of the new Fast track so its out. i refuse to drill for hundreds of snaps so that takes out the rest of the designs. I am thinking of haveing one custom made. But I am unsure, many boat shops use snaps as well. Decisions decisions...

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