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    Man gets a ticket for ride
    By RON SELAK JR. Tribune Chronicle

    WARREN - A 23-year-old city man is facing a charge of reckless operation for being behind the wheel of a Ford Econoline van that was being towed by a four-wheeler, according to police.
    To make it worse, Donovan Agostino also was cited for not wearing a seat belt while the engineless and brakeless van was being towed March 16.
    On Wednesday, Agostino, 1071 Woodbine Ave. S.E., pleaded innocent to the charges during his first court appearance, Warren Municipal Court records show.
    Meanwhile, the man piloting the four-wheeler, Jack A. Culver, 26, 240 Folsom St. N.W., pleaded no contest to a charge of driving an ATV on a roadway in exchange for a second charge of operators license required being dismissed.
    He was fined $50 on Wednesday, court records show.
    Stories about the incident differ.
    Warren Township police Lt. Don Bishop said it was about 5 p.m. on March 16 when he was traveling north on Mahoning Avenue (state Route 45) when the vehicle in front of him began jerking right and left, making him question, "Why drive like that when a cop is behind you?''
    He said the vehicle darted into the center, allowing him to see a large, green Ford Econoline van that looked as if it was traveling toward him, but in reality was being towed from the rear. He said the van was traveling south in the northbound lane and at one point came close to striking the four-wheeler, making the the ATV operator jump off.
    Agostino, who along with Culver is employed at Gallo's Auto Sales and Service, said they had pushed the van into a garage for some work earlier in the morning and while waiting for a new motor to arrive, decided to push it out to another lot and pull in another vehicle for work.
    The distance between the garage and spill over lot is less than 100 feet, he said. Culver was operating the ATV and Agostino was steering the van.
    Agostino said they pushed the van into the emergency lane and began towing it to the second lot, which is when Bishop stopped the pair. He said the vehicle had hazard lights on and he disputes the claim by Bishop they almost caused a traffic crash.
    He said in the case they ever have to go on the road, they have somebody stop traffic briefly to make sure they prevent any crash.
    Agostino is due back in court in May.
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    I towed a jeep with a couple of horses once, but it had brakes..... I would like to see a cop figure out how to write that one up

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