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    anyone have a write up on puting in some 57" in the rear of a blazer. here's some details I'm looking for
    what years?
    2wd or 4wd rear ford spring pack??
    width of spring paxk?
    nuts and bolts to use??
    number leaves in pack?
    type of shakle flip?


  2. tRustyK5

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    I did have a write up on BorregoK5's Echobit site. It seems to have disappeared though.

    The springs I used were from a 90 F-150 (2 or 4WD I don't think matters) The year range is 86-96 apparently. They have 4 regular leafs and one overload and they're 2.5" wide.

    The center hole in the springs is wrong by an inch, you can use an offset zero rate, or drill a second hole in your perches or redrill the pack. I re-drilled the pack and becasue I was going with a shackle flip I went another 1/2" farther back to keep the wheel centered in the wheel opening. Basically I drilled a second hole 1.5" from where the stock Ford location was.

    I did a homebrew 'through the bottom' shackle flip and braced the hanger. I also moved the shackle hanger back 2.5". The shackle I made 1.5" longer than stock. At rest the shackle has a fairly aggressive angle to it...close to 25 degrees I'd guess. I could probably have moved the hanger back another inch and had a more vertical shackle.

    Hope that helps out some.

  3. Lance

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    I used a set of 2.5" wide springs from a '90 F-150 on my old '90 Jimmy . I used the ORD shackle flip. I installed the left bracket on the right side of the vehicle and vice versa. I installed the ORD units 1.75" further back than the original location of the stock shackle hangers. With stock shackles, my angle was approximately 40 degrees.

    I also used a set of ORD zero-rates w/ the 1.5" center pin offset to compensate for the 1.0" difference between the Ford and GM pin location, plus the extra 0.5" for good measure. In my application, it was a benefit as the springs I had were apparently very tired and it prevented the dreaded K5 "saggy butt" from occurring. I probably could have used another set of springs as I still had a slight squat, but nothing terrible.

    FYI, these springs are very soft. I kinked my first set while trying to establish how I wanted to mount my shocks. W/o a "traction bar", like tRusty's, I'd recommend leaving the shocks in their stock position or become familiar with your local Ford junkyard owner.

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