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    I am forewarding a conversation from a local club here, as an off road community if we want to keep our sort alive we have to become unified, I mean 4x4's, snowmobiles, motorcycles, quads, the Sierra club is even after horses & riders.
    >>Dang...and I've been thinking about getting an ATV and a snowmobile. I
    >>I'll have to fight harder to keep that sport available.
    >The unfortunate thing is OHV's are considered ATV's by the state. We have to
    >buy the ATV stickers therefore I assume we classify?
    >We need to pick up the slack. Any idea's Roger?

    As a group, ALL OHV owners/opeators have to become more focused on
    off-highway vehicle access issues. That's why I started the "OHVA" prefix
    for postings to the list which are related to access issues.

    Have you all been reading those postings? Are you sending letters, emails,
    faxes and making the phone calls? These things all help. Maybe you pass
    them up because you don't think you have the time. Well, all those
    snowmobilers that have fun every weekend in Yellowstone, Crater Lake, etc.,
    sure have a lot of time on their hands now, don't they?

    We're losing ground all around us. Remember Millican Valley, east of Bend?
    600 square miles of OHV access shut down just a few months ago because
    some GAGs got together and sued the BLM to perform an environmental impact
    study of the area to see if OHV access was appropriate. How many trails in
    the TSF have evaporated in the past few years? How many new trails do we
    have? How about the proposal to make the TSF a state park! It just goes
    on and on and on...

    Since joining the Sierra Club, my eyes have been opened to just how
    organized they are. I just got their national magazine in the mail the
    other day. Almost 75% of that very slick looking mag is dedicated to
    issues that they feel threaten the environment. Their local newsletter
    isn't that impressive, except for the fact that their committee chairs and
    staff is a VERY LONG LIST. Makes the volunteer effort for the entire PNW
    seem insignificant.

    It's up to us. Our actions now will determine what kind of access we have
    in the future, if any. If you aren't already involved, it's put up or shut
    up time.

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