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Discussion in 'Feedback | Site Announcements' started by newyorkin, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Is this intentional with this upgrade? Just wondering if I should make it habit to hit the "Mark forum read" when I exit now... :D
  2. CK5

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    It does work correctly and is intentional. :D

    Example of how it works:
    You take a look at the forum index page and notice that the "Forum Contains New Posts" icon [​IMG] is in front of the Garage forum.

    You click the link and enter the garage forum, here you see several posts titles that are in bold and have the "Go to first new post" icon [​IMG] in front of them.

    As you click a few of these threads and return to the garage forum listing you notice that the threads you read are no longer in bold etc.

    Then you travel to the main index page and notice that the garage forum still shows the "Forum Contains New Posts" icon [​IMG] in front of the Garage forum. This is correct because it will show as long as there is at least one thread that you have not read.

    So if you go into the garage forum and read 99 of the 100 new threads it will still show that the garage forum contains a thread that you haven't read yet, and this is correct behavior.

    FYI - I have the forums set to keep track of all this 10 days out, so if you don't visit the site for 10 days it will reset.
  3. HarryH3

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    Georgetown, TX recently went to the same setup. It's nice to NOT have everything marked as "read" if your browser hangs and you have to kill it. But yeah, if you don't remember to click on the "Mark Forums Read" link before leaving the site, then things will look quite out of whack if you revisit the site soon thereafter.

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