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    The “Extreme Forum” exists for the sole purpose of discussing “in-depth” design and construction techniques as they apply to offroad 4x4s. This forum is highly focused on the engineering principles and techniques used to design and build custom parts.

    The following guidelines apply to this forum:

    - It is a place to discuss specialty tools, fabrication techniques, and useful tips or shortcuts to simplify the building process.
    - It is a place to share details about what you are working on and/or what you have already built.
    - It is a place to get advice when you are unsure about how to proceed with a custom modification project.
    - It is a place to contribute your expertise to other members of the forum.
    - It is a place to solicit feedback on your project and/or ways to improve upon it.

    - It is NOT a place to discuss or ask about “bolt-on” parts such as lights, differential guards, or other commonly available parts.
    - It is NOT a place to ask about common maintenance or mechanical issues. Examples of things not allowed would be: servicing hubs, and problems with or questions concerning standard drive train issues.
    - It is NOT a place to ask “entry-level” questions about standard lift kits and tire fitment or similar topics. These topics still belong in “The Garage” or one of the other vehicle specific forums.


    1) Using this forum to find buyers for items you have built
    2) Using this forum to locate someone to build items for you.

    Forum Moderators:

    <font color="green"></font>
    Moderators will be assigned at the discretion of the site administrator.</font>

    If your posts do not fit within the charter of this forum, you will be notified by the moderator, and the post will be moved to a more appropriate forum (such as the Garage). In instances where a post is in a “gray area” and it is not clear whether it meets the forum criteria, the disposition of the post will be determined by the moderator, and is not open for debate. If your post is moved, it is not intended as an insult or a “put down” in any way. It is simply an effort by the moderator to keep this forum very focused, and at a very high “Signal-to-Noise ratio”. Please do not demand that your post be moved back or argue with the moderators decision. They do not have time to arbitrate every disagreement on this forum, so just accept their decision and move on. It is very unlikely that your post will be deleted, it will simply be moved to a more appropriate forum. However, repeat offenders (posting in the wrong forum) who clearly violate the rules above will be warned and may lose the privilege of posting in this forum altogether.

    One further comment on banning offenses:

    The very existence of this forum is dependent upon CK5 being able to maintain and pay for this site. This depends upon both advertisers/sponsors and membership income. This forum is a *privilege* provided by CK5 and the site sponsors. It is NOT guaranteed to you just because you are a paying member. If you abuse this privilege by violating the rules set forth, you will lose this privilege. Otherwise, your actions will jeopardize this benefit for everyone, and we could all lose access to this area.

    If you try to sell your products to an upstanding member, you may be reported. There is nothing stopping you from helping out your friends by building things for them, just don’t try to use this forum to solicit sales or hire a fabricator. If you DO wish to sell your products here, that can be arranged by contacting the site administrator ( ) for more details.
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