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    Nov 20, 2002
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    i went down to alabama this weekend for a funeral. before it started i was talkin to my dads cousin about trucks. it ends up he knew of an 86(the year i was born) blazer and took me to see it after the funeral. it has a brand new interior and paint job, and a 4" rancho lift with 33's. it has the 350 engine that was gone through and worked on by the best engine man in the town, and the whole thing was rust free. so we went to ask the guy what he wanted. he said 6 grand, which was crazy. i figured i could talk him down, but my parents wouldnt let me, say its to early. i was bummed. but it isnt being advertised and isnt visible from any public road, so i think it will be there when i go back in june. june is when ill most likely get one. so to end a long boring story, if its still there in early summer im gonna try to talk him down to 4500 and see what happens, it was just a nice truck.

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