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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by Boondock, Feb 11, 2001.

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    Just kidding about the booze part, I just wanted a lot of input on this issue and figured that was the best way to lure some of y'all in. Sorry. So I just took out a 2 grand loan for bills (read K5 mods). I have an extremely stock 86 Silverado K5, and eventually I would like to get it to the point of something along the lines of "Project UAV" but over a period of a couple years or so. So my question is this... What mods are most important for performance, and in what order should I make them? What's the consequences of running 35's on stock 10 bolts with stock gears? Besides the looks, what's the major advantage of 35s over 33s, or even 31s for that matter? I'm mostly doing some light crawling and thick mudding with this beast, so please take that in mind. I would love to hear everyone's input... I need guidance!!! And I promise no more fake beer giveaways... that was a low blow.

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    Just wanted to see if you got the pictures I sent you today?

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    Damn, I knew there wasn't any free beer to be had.

    I'm in relatively the same position, I just bought a k5 last summer and I'm planning mods for spring. I'm probably not the best person to be giving advice, but then again you don't have to take it. The first mod I recomend it the lift, because alot of other factors denpend on it. ie. tire size, shock length, steering mods ect... There are two major addvantages to bigger tires that I am aware of; 1.Better overall clearnce and aproch angels, more room under your axels and diff's and the ability to go over bigger rocks stright on. 2. Bigger tires can run at much lower air presures, giving better traction off road. I hop that helps....
    ...if anyone sees anything wrong with what I have sad, feel free to correct me, I'm kind of new to this...

    Aluminum running boards, rock sliders, same thing.
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    runniong 35's with stock gears is not really bad, if you are not pushing it hard. also, it depends on what the stock gears are, obviously 3.73's are better than 3.08's, etc. Dont go any taller than 35's on the 10-bolts, though. Thats asking for trouble. and if you get into tougher wheeling, you should look at getting regeared.
    The advantage of the 35 over the 33 and 31 is that you get more clearance under everything. by increasing the tire size, the clearance under your axles is raised, with a lift only your axles stay in the same place. The down sides of a bigger tire are body trimming or more lift needed, and price.

    As for a general plan for your truck, i would suggest this order:
    1) fix anything that is wrong with the truck. you want a good base to start your mods on.
    2) lift and tires, 4"-6" for 35" tires, besure to look into the manufacturer of the lift, a lot of us like tuff-country, BDS, rancho,
    3) axles. This is up to you, but eventually you WILL want tougher axles. A good combo is dana 60 front, 14bolt full floater rear. These bolt right up, but there are other choices. This is a pretty pricey step.
    4) motor/trans/t-case mods. this is a big $ step, the choices are endless.

    the steps ive outlined will go past your $ 2k limit right now, but its always good to have a plan. as always the choices are yours, dont hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.

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    Here is chevy4x4's list of things to do:

    1) Look over the K5 and make sure verything is in good working condition. If something is broken, cracked or something is wrong with it, fix it (except something thay your going to replace any way like the axles). Get a steering box brace from ORD or a local shop. Also if you have an auto tranny, get a cooler for it.

    2) Get the lift that you want. I'd recommend 4-6 inches for an all around rock/mud/trail rig. If you want a body lift, get that as well. (I wouldn't recommend anything over 2 inches) After you have the lift installed, get the usual things like longer brake lines, steering correction, etc. Get an K&N air filter if ya want one.

    3) Get 3/4 ton or 1 ton axles. It is better to do this before because if you get the 35s or 36s for the 10 bolt, the wheels will have a 6 bolt pattern. The 3/4 ton and 1 ton stuff is 8. If your going to get the stronger axles eventually, it's better to get them first cause your gonna have to buy new wheels if you run the bigger tires with the 10 bolt. (hope that made sence) The stronger axles will most likely have 4.10 gears so you shouldn't have to worry about a gear swap.

    4) Now it's time for tires, as I mentioned before most trail/street blazers run 35s or 36s. These can be BFG M/Ts, BFG A/Ts, Super Swamper radials, Buckshoot Mudders (I think that's what they are called), etc. Choose a tire that best meets your needs.

    Ok, by now you've been wheeling for a few months and have gained experiance and have broken a few parts. Now you're ready for the extra stuff that you should get when you have some $$ to spare.

    5) New bumpers front and rear, rocksliders and other body accessories. You should buy a winch at this point. You would also want to invest in a locker for the rear and for the front as well if you can afford it.

    6) Minor engine modifications to give more hp an torque can be done. Remeber not to over due it. Try to keep the engine as close to stock as possible for a trail/street rig.

    Well that's about all I could think off....Thats' about all that goes on chevy4x4's "first mods list"

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