Frick'n JASPER!!

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    Frick\'n JASPER!!

    /forums/images/graemlins/angryfire.gif i'm so.... let me ask you all a question. I've just completed a lengthy jasper motor install, weekend after weekend, battling the snowy mid-atlantic winter.. I finally got my truck motor installed. Every thing was done today, custom fit spark plug wires ect. Went to fire it up and heard the hsss, hsss, hsss, in the #2 cylinder, hmmmm, remove header and add new gasket thinking it was the culprit. Took belt off fan and started engine again, phss, phss, phss, and feeling air coming out of spark plug hole, remove spark plug (beveled AC Delco) amd see a gouge in the spark plug seat, well. get mirror and flash light..see no burr's. well in goes another spark plug. Same problem!!
    there is something, a deep burr, that's scouring my spark plug seats and cylinder won't hold compression. hence the phssss sound. Aside from giving Jasper a piece of my mind come monday is there any thing else I can do? really don't want to do another install. can I put in a spark plug with a ring? Anyone know of a plug # that would work with a CR43TS? 88 350 TBI. Almost blew a fuse /forums/images/graemlins/angryfire.gif

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