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    Dec 24, 2000
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    Im going on a trip this weekend, and i have a prettygood idea on how to swap out the axl shafts i i breakthem. Tell me if m missing anything...........
    take apart hubs
    tae off baking plate
    take off diff cover
    take out c-clips
    pull spidle off
    Is there anything that i am missing?
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    Feb 18, 2000
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    Pull whl. and tire, pull lockout, caliper,brake rotor,spindle. Can't remember pulling backing plate. Pull out broken axle checking to see if there's a broken off piece left in the axle tube. If so, use a telescoping magnetic pick-up tool to pull it out the axle end. No C-clips on front axles. Should only have to pop diff cover if ya gotta push broken axle piece to fall inboard or if it's stuck in carrier. All I can remember...Hope it helps.

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    Jul 23, 2000
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    Yeah, what Ed said. I usually pull off the backing plate right after the spindle cuz once the spindle is unbolted the backing plate is too.

    If you're planning on a trail fix bring a couple of old towels you can lay the parts out on and clean them up with. I like to lay them out in the order they came off so re-assembly becomes a no brainer. Bring some grease too, some WD40 for cleaning parts, a small pic, snap ring pliers, the magnet Ed mentioned and don't forget you'll need the special socket for the wheel bearing retainer. A soft faced hammer will help with the spindle, especially if it's been awhile since its last been off. 3/8 allen socket for the caliper. And a spare lock-out hub if you have one.


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