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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by beefcake83, Aug 21, 2001.

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    Anyone out there ever remove their entire front clip before? I'd like to remove mine to gain better access to my engine to do some work w/o pulling it, and to be able to clean up and undercoat the inner surfaces of the fenders and other things real good.

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    It's a pain in one piece, ESPECIALLY by yourself, but it can be done. Personally I'd do it piece by piece, but prepare to deal with some broken bolts/free-spinning speed nuts.... No more complex than anything else vehicular..unbolt everything bolted ot that piece, and remove.

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    i've had the front clip off of my '75 a couple of times and just yanked the clip off of an '88 a few weeks ago. Disconnect the wiring to the headlights, turn signals, etc. and make sure the wiring harness to them is disconnected from the fender clips that hold it in place.

    Disconnect the radiator hoses and tranny cooling lines. Most years had a clamp on the passenger side inner fender that holds the heater hoses from flopping around. Unhook the hoses from the clamp. [​IMG] There's a couple of bolts down low on each side that hold the fenders in place, along with one or two up top (near the hood hinges) and one that you have to open the door to see and remove. You'll have to remove the front bumper also. There are 2 large bolts that hold the radiator support to the frame. If you have an engine oil cooler, you'll have to disconnect the lines to it as well. Ditto if you have a/c. Two people can remove the clip, but it's a bear. It's way easier with 3 people.

    Tape up the rear edges of the fenders and the front edges of the doors so you don't scrape them up when you take it apart. You have to pull outwards on the rear edges of the fenders just a bit before they'll come loose. Lift it VERY slowly so you can easily see whatever you forgot to disconnect before you break it. [​IMG]

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