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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Blazr77400, Oct 9, 2001.

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    How much are you going to charge for your Custom Springs Stephen.

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    That depends mostly on how we build them. If I do a different spring for everyone, they're going to cost about the same as Nationals at about a grand a set. Maybe a little less since we specialize in GM's and can apply a lot of the same tricks and design work to more than one customers springs. Which brings us to method #2, build more of a "one size fits all" spring, but make it an intermediate between your typical aftermarket stuff and a full on custom spring. That way we can build them in larger quantities and keep the price down a little.
    I'm not sure exactly which to start with, full customs would be great, but there's a huge performance gap, and price gap between the typical $200 front springs and a set of $500 front springs. If we can build some that work well for $350/pair, I think it could be a really effective compromise. A "production/custom" spring would also be a little easier from a business standpoint since full on custom springs can be a real pain in the butt after they leave our door. There are a lot of ride height problems due to missing the weight of the truck with really light rates. We like to be able to take care of our customers, but shipping messed up springs around the country makes it pretty tough.
    We may do both, we'll see.

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