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Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by 80fullsize, Jul 25, 2002.

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    Mar 12, 2002
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    Redmond, OR
    I have a few Chevy parts:

    1 pair of 1/2ton hub/rotor assemblies - will need to be turned, and
    still have the fulltime hubs on, they come the blacking plates - $40-
    package deal, only way it goes
    Rear Chevy D44 axle housing - missing the carrier and pinion gear -
    dual remote oil filter - minus lines and block adapter - $15
    2wd PS gearbox - $50
    4wd PS gear box - $75
    Chevy rear 3/4ton springs - $25

    -- as well as some 78-9 Bronco part --

    2 guage clusters, one appears operational, the other is still in the
    Bronco- $25ea

    decent, brown XLT door panels with driver side map pocket. One panel
    has a small crack at the speaker grill, but you don't see it once the
    panels are installed - $50

    2 pairs of rear arm rests, brown and black - $10/pr

    red glove box door with XLT cover panel - $10

    brown vinyl rear seat. Has a small tear at the passenger side front
    apron, barely noticable. with all brackets and I believe I still
    have the seat belts with it - $40

    David-built rear bumper - 4x4x1/4" with the ends tapered to 2" and is
    75 1/2" wide. This is built for an outer width frame width of 37
    1/2". Pictures - http://davids78bigbronco.netfirms.com/4x4bumper-display.JPG
    and http://davids78bronco.netfirms.com/4x4bumper-Rside.JPG It's not quite done yet, I still need to make the
    mounting brackets, and will include the tabs for using D-ring
    shackles. I'd like $200 for this

    black hardtop, no slider windows. Was cracked and repaired. $40

    I doubt this will happen, but I'm looking for a complete 9" with
    either 3.50, or 4.10 gears. At the very least, I need the complete
    3rd member(I broke the case, the gears were bad and the carrier
    splines were stripped) and the axle shafts(I ruined the splines on
    mine) - OR! - a complete 3/4 solid front axle(preferrably with 4.10s)

    Everything is in Redmond, OR. Shipping on smaller items is
    possible. Shoot, I can ship it all(except the hardtop), if you don't
    mind FedEx from here. If there's a deal to be made with the larger
    parts, I MAY be able to make a drive to Eugene or Salem, but that
    won't be for a few more weeks yet. It's time to make room, and make
    a few bucks. I'll be in Salem on the 29th and can
    carry the smaller parts


    edit - after the 1st, best way to reach me is on the Yahoo message board, or email- davids78bronco@hotmail.com
  2. 80fullsize

    80fullsize 1/2 ton status

    Mar 12, 2002
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    Redmond, OR
    Rear springs are sold. And I was just told about the rear axle I'm selling, and have decided I better hold on to it

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