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    Ok I have started to notice that the clear in line filter that I added to the line is now starting to run dry and my question is.. Should I only have the org. filter or just bypass the org. filter and keep the inline filter(I like being able to see the fuel)
    And the inline isn't always dry but seams more and more it is..I will change the pump this weekend...
    Also when you hook up a vaccume gauge to the carb (QJET) where so you hook it to check the vac. The base or the top side of carb. thanks again mike. Sorry the motor is stock 350 with 2101 eblbrock intake and jet Q-JET...
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    I recommend that you remove the original restrictive type filter that is in the carb and use a good quality after market one, and you should mount it before the fuel pump as to keep your pump in good working order. I don't like the glass filters for 2 reasons, they aren't that good and also they are made of glass which can break. As for where to hook up your vacuum gauge, it must be manifold vacuum which means anywhere below the throttle blades of the carb. With a stock engine in good running condition you should have anywhere from 17-21 inches, if you have a small cam in it then expect it to be lower.

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