fuel guage sending unit replacement?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by DzrtRat67, Jun 6, 2001.

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    Howdy all...
    My gauge has been doing the ol' Bermuda Triangle effect...spinning this way and that...
    I've been told that this is a ground wire issue, however the ground wire at the tank seems ok, and I've even tried using a jumper...still the same.
    What is the easiest way to go about lowering the tank to replace the sending unit? Does the whole tank have to come down? or just one side? I've heard this can be a bear of a job. Fortunately, all the bolts on the beast seem to be in decent shape, not much rust, etc.
    While it's down, would it be a semi-good idea to cut a "door" of sorts into my bed, so I can do future replacements, if any, without even lowering tank?
    Also, I remember reading on one of the other chevy truck boards about a way to put some sort of resistor inline that helps eliminate the needle sway as the gas sloshes around in the tank....anyone have those instructions?
    Btw...thanks to all for answering previous posts...this board is becoming a favorite stop of mine....I'm learning so much...you guys rock!
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    Fill in your profile, where are you? PLEASE!

    I just cut a hole in the floor of the Burben the other day. Just measure or guess about where to cut. BE CARFULL. Don't cut too deep and make sure you don't have any gas leaks before you start.

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    Hey bro. Have you done a continuity test of the hot wire from the tank (or near it) to the dash? If the problem is there, changing the sender won't fix it (and that sender's not cheap, especially after '87).

    Tank lowering isn't so bad if your truck is light on rust. Tank weight is really the biggest issue with that job. Just drive or run it till she runs out of gas to lighten it, or use a wide jack that can securely handle the load (2x4's on a floor jack usually work for me). Maybe even disconnect the line at the filter and let the pump push the gas into a big ole' tank or something, since it costs so friggin much lately (did't read your profile, so I don't know if you have an electric pump or not)...
    If you do end up wrecking the bolts, I'm pretty sure you'll have to buy new straps altogether. I did it on my old K5, but was able to salvage the broken bolt with an extender from home depot (they close at 12 am in my town, broke the bolt at 11:45pm, and needed to finish the job that night!).

    When you take out the sender assembly,you have to angle it several different ways to get it out of the tank, it doesn't just pull strait out. So cutting a hole in the floor wouldn't help much to get it out, since it would block the ability to angle the unit downward along the side of the tank, to get the sender float out without damage. But that also depends on whether or not you have a body lift, and how much of one.
    If you take out the tank this time, remove the sender to see what I mean before you cut up the floor. The angles you have to manuever the unit probably won't happen through the floor.

    Cripes, why do my posts always seem so dang long!?!?

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    Sounds like to me the sender has just seen better days. I have one left over from my TBI swap on my 79. It has an extra return tube as the 79 had Ca emissions. I f you need it i'm in Glendale Az.


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