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    ...since getting a 40 gallon tank around my parts seems next to impossible, I have decided to mount two 22 gallon fuel cells in my bed. The question I have is can I run just one electric fuel pump or do I need one for each tank and a switch to swap tanks. Has anyone ran this setup, I was going to run the fuel cells because I can get them for a good price. Hope my ramblings make sense. Jesse

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    Do it however you like. One pump with a T switch/valve to select the tank, two pumps with switch just turning on the correct pump, a low pressure pump to move gas from the secondary tank to the primary where the "real" pump pulls, whatever.

    I've been thinking about this too. I'll be ditching the saddle tank when I shorten the wheel base (the springs will be where the tank now sets). I won't have an area in the back like Blazers use, the springs will be where the saddles mount, so the only thing left is on either side of the drive shaft (held by a loop(s) just in case) or between the rails over the axle. Personally, I think it would be nice to have dual tanks and dual pumps and dual filters. With 2 tanks and 2 pumps, your "spare" is already installed and you can just flip the switch. You think a filter is clogged or a pump is going out, just flip the switch! I also wanted to put a line with a ball valve between the two tanks so that you could transfer fuel from a "dead" tank to the other by simply parking off-camber (or jacking up one side) and open the valve.


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