Fuel system plumbing basics

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    just want to get some things straight about the different ways the trucks are plumbed over the years and all these 2,3 and 4 oulet sending units and where they go. also what is the bare minimum you need?

    case in point my 76 long box. one sadle tank. 2 outlet sender. so one is supply and one is return. only the P.O. cut the return and the fuel pump that is on the truck only has one in and one out. no return provision. it runs just fine this way. so i guess its ok to cap the return and use a pump (mechanical) that does not have return provision? am i getting way worse millage this way dumping all that gas down the carb at slower speeds? also how does the tank vent then? through the cap when pressure builds?

    some senders have 3 outs. is the 3rd a vent line? if so, where do you run it to?

    someone give my the skinny on all this and what is the optimal way to plumb it all in
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    on my 83 Blazer, the 3rd outlet went into the carbon canister and that went to the carb(emissions stuff, vents to to carb). I have mine plugged and only run a feed and a return. There is no vent except through my cap when the pressure builds up. Lucky for me, state inspections are pretty easy in my area.

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