Full Coverage for your blazer?

Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Region' started by juanblzer, Apr 21, 2003.

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    With all the theft of blazers and fullsizers (no doubt some of them end up in Mexico), I am wondering whether there is a local company you arizona guys insure with. I have a lot of money and time tied into my blazer and I don't want to end up eating the results of a stolen money pit.

    I know those sandrail guys (see: www.predatorsandcars.com) can't just eat the replacement of a custom rig if its stolen. How do these guys insure their crap? Tell me. I had progressive insurance with full coverage but now i'm with farmers group and they will not insure my blazer with anything other than liability. This is bad, especially when one considers what would happen if he hit an suv with his rig. Tube vs. plastic... not good. Liability...even worse.

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