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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by high 5, Aug 3, 2003.

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    Jul 21, 2002
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    my blazer is currently a pile of expensive parts
    new gm fenders
    new steal colw hood
    i also have a set of full power doors tailgate and complet interior from a 91 taken out i 93 so this stuf is almost new
    new gm bed sides for 78 and up
    newly rebuilt trans and transfer for 84 balzer
    a 91 formula is giveing up its 350 tuneport
    and 73 k5 is giveing up its tags roof windshield post and door caps
    also have rust free 78 tub that must of been used for target practice roof n bed sides are tost but floors rockers tailpan and wheel wells are the cleanest i have ever seen
    frame is from 87 k5
    every bolt mount bushing and ruber seal is brand new and still in the box
    ivee been collecting this stuf for 5 years now i have every last part this k5 will be a miled custom built from the ground up for daily use.all trim will be shaved rollpans in front and rear ful fantom grill in front supra tail lights in rear.will run a kay line fasttrack top in sumer with a skined truck gate,and hard top with k5 gate in winter .
    im going to mount the 78 tub on a spare rolling frame for now and start preping to wack the roof and instal new bed sides,but heres my problem i do not whant a roll cage this blazer must have a unobstrucked view no ugly bars in the way.it will have a bolt on center hoop with 3rd brake light and mount for seat bealts.
    so who has good ideas on how to reinforce the body with out going the jugel gym rout
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    you could use the rocker boxes from the '73 if you get an older tub. '78 has the new floor w/ the bigger fotwell. Maybe you could fab something similar.

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