Full time xfer case and LSD's

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    Full time xfer case and LSD\'s

    Okay, so I recently purchased a pretty clean 1991 Jimmy (full sized) and it slips and slides all over the place. I'd like to get some information on a decent rear LSD and a full-time transfer case. I'm totally new to this truck, so if you could give me URL's for good places to find them used (I don't need new; can't afford that) or things to avoid I'd appreciate it.

    Also, I assume the transfer case is a bolt up deal (I've swapped trannys on vehicles before, no worries), right? Or is there something special that needs to be done? I had an old C30 with the full time 4x4 and it was great.

    Finally, can someone tell me if the front end on this thing has auto locking hubs? It looks like it, since there are no manual switches, but how good are they? Is there a LSD for the front end as well?

    Basically I am looking for more traction because right now I get way too much slippage when trying to get around in the snow.

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